Key features

Authoritative & licensed content

  • Content sources: Thousands of newspapers, magazines and trade publications; tens of thousands of company, social media, government and NGO websites; blogs; discussion forums; news broadcasts; TV programs & radio shows (with transcripts); videos; cartoons; and ads
  • Chinese content database contains billions of items dating back to 1998
  • Tens of millions of new items are added daily
  • Information is updated round the clock

Fast & precise information searches

  • Get the information you’re looking for quickly with advanced search, intelligence indexing and filtering tools
  • Use keywords to uncover trends, hot discussion topics and relationships in a flash
  • Instantly view charts, meaningful statistics and analysis reports
  • Cross-media result listing on a single screen

Visibility into your area of expertise

  • See the big picture with market intelligence
  • Use AI to analyze sentiment and brand perception in real-time
  • Perform consumer research with product level taxonomy
  • Monitor influencers

Discover, track and compare like the pros

  • Create, manage and compare search campaigns
  • Discover correlations and hot topics
  • Full meta-data allows for further detailed analytics
  • Negative sentiment filters